CommunicationFrom first meeting to last, the goal is to listen to what clients need and want. Successful outcomes are founded on transforming hopes into plans that will endure. And that means making sure messages don’t get lost in the retelling. Effective interaction is essential—with clients, other lawyers and financial and family professionals.
Decades of experience means every client benefits.


CollaborationAdvocating for a client within the team of their collaborative professionals, all sharing the same rule book, brings quicker and personalized results. Make no mistake. Collaboration does not mean giving in. It means the client has a stronger voice because each voice will be heard.

Decades of expertise means every client benefits.


ConsensusEventually all the talking and listening is done. Every separating couple wants to get started on a new path. With the help of the collaborative professionals, possible outcomes are worked on and tested out. Getting to a final settlement is work, but not without reward. A contract that captures the best ideas where ever possible is what consensus is all about.

Decades of effectiveness means every client benefits.

Services include separation agreements, marriage contracts, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, parenting plans, and reviewing agreements.